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Wed Mar 11 13:55:54 UTC 2020

Thanks all, especially Paul & Stephan for the testing help. Since I posted yesterday, I've resolved some firewall issues and reduced mintls to 1.2. The server appears to be working for most people. In addition to the regular ntp clients I'm getting through NTPPool, there are a handful of NTS clients that are connecting successfully.

Question: Once NTS is adopted, how would one go about finding trusted NTS servers? Aside from Cloudflare, TimeNL & Netnod, I'm unaware of any servers advertising their availability. I also understand that NTS is incompatible with the "pool" directive, so at least for the short term, this will come to manually finding servers I trust.


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On Tuesday, March 10, 2020 9:50 AM, Rick Bollar <newsletters at bollar.com> wrote:

> All,

> For those of you with a need, or who are testing NTS, I have spun up a Stratum 1 Raspberry Pi Server running ntpsec-1.1.8. It's at ntp.bollar.com:123. Configuration & statistics (using ntpviz) are available at https://ntp.bollar.com 

> I would appreciate reports on your success connecting with NTS.

> Also, I have not yet figured out how to make ntploggps.py run on the Pi -- presumably because python3 GPSD isn't available? If someone has that working, I'd appreciate the pointer.

> Rick
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