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Thank you for the report!

.NTS. was from me -- I set the refid so I could verify what I was connecting to during test. I've removed it now and changed it to PPS.


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On Tuesday, March 10, 2020 6:08 PM, Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net> wrote:



> Rick Bollar said:

> > Paul, thanks for testing. Since you see my refid as .NTS. I think you were
> > able to connect, but not authenticate. I notice that I forgot to add TCP:
> > 123 to my firewall, so perhaps it's as simple as that. I'll keep looking at
> > the logs for future connections.

> It's working from here. Thanks.

> The NTS in the refid column of ntpq peers printout is supposed normally
> indicates that the NTS-KE handshake didn't work, yet. You will see that
> during startup. It should switch to the IP Address of the upstream NTP server
> or the text code of the local refclock. Have you told it to call your
> refclock "NTS"? I forget how to do that in the config file. If not, there is
> a bug we should fix.

> Another way to tell that the NTS-KE handshake has worked is to look in the "t"
> column of the ntpq/peers printout. If that is a digit, it's the number of NTS
> cookies the client has. 8 is normal. It will go down for lost packets.


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