NTS Time Server ntp.bollar.com

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue Mar 10 23:08:15 UTC 2020

Rick Bollar said:
> Paul, thanks for testing. Since you see my refid as .NTS. I think you were
>  able to connect, but not authenticate. I notice that I forgot to add TCP:
> 123 to my firewall, so perhaps it's as simple as that. I'll keep looking at
> the logs for future connections.

It's working from here.  Thanks.

The NTS in the refid column of ntpq peers printout is supposed normally 
indicates that the NTS-KE handshake didn't work, yet.  You will see that 
during startup.  It should switch to the IP Address of the upstream NTP server 
or the text code of the local refclock.  Have you told it to call your 
refclock "NTS"?  I forget how to do that in the config file.  If not, there is 
a bug we should fix.

Another way to tell that the NTS-KE handshake has worked is to look in the "t" 
column of the ntpq/peers printout.  If that is a digit, it's the number of NTS 
cookies the client has.  8 is normal.  It will go down for lost packets.

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