stratum one on pi 4?

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Yo Paul!

On Fri, 20 Sep 2019 20:12:04 -0700
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> On 9/20/2019 17:59 PM, Gary E. Miller via users wrote:
> > Oh, not good.  You forgot "-n /dev/pps0".  
> I just had a look at the INSTALL docs on the release version, it says
> "If you are on the RasPi with gpsd version 3.17, or above, /dev/pps0
> can be autodetected. and used for PPS if available."

Only if you configured with the MAGIC_HAT option.

> So that would
> explain why gpsd works fine on my other two raspi's, without
> /dev/pps0 declared...
> > 3.19 has been released.  3.19.1~dev is the current git.  

Sort of.  There is more to MAGIC_HAT that just /dev/pps0.

> The INSTALL file needs an update - it still talks about Debian
> Wheezy, and refers to Debian Jessie as the current release. I'll see
> about sending in updates.

A lot of people still have Wheezy.  Looking forward to updates.

> I'm going to rebuild gpsd from release, maybe it actually is
> something there...

Latest release is always best.  From git head second best.

> ...and rather than draw out the discussion, I downloaded the release 
> version, built it with identical scons options, and poof - instant
> SHM(0) PPS output.

Version 3.19?  That's good.  What about git head?

Any ideas what was wrong with your earlier copy?  Or too old to care?

> Oh well, go figure. I'd be surprised if this was a bug in that
> particular git release - I'm suspecting that I may have had the UART
> settings gummed up before building gpsd, and for some reason the
> built code couldn't grok PPS - even though the gpsd -h output said it
> was enabled. Maybe.

All scons cares about is if it found the pps headers, timeservce, and
magichat.  Let us know if you figure it out.

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