stratum one on pi 4?

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Sat Sep 21 03:33:30 UTC 2019

On 9/20/2019 20:21 PM, Gary E. Miller via users wrote:
> Only if you configured with the MAGIC_HAT option.
Which I do.

>> The INSTALL file needs an update - it still talks about Debian
>> Wheezy, and refers to Debian Jessie as the current release. I'll see
>> about sending in updates.
> A lot of people still have Wheezy.  Looking forward to updates.
That's certainly true. I just helped out a friend whose Debian Squeeze 
server was giving him grief. But I have little patience for recklessness. 
Debian Wheezy LTS ended more than a year ago, and ELTS ends in just over 
three months. It should not be supported.

> Latest release is always best. From git head second best. 

Generally I like to live dangerously, with the exception of OS release 
> Version 3.19?  That's good.  What about git head?
Well, having finally got it running, and since, as you say, git head is 
second best...
>> Oh well, go figure. I'd be surprised if this was a bug in that
>> particular git release - I'm suspecting that I may have had the UART
>> settings gummed up before building gpsd, and for some reason the
>> built code couldn't grok PPS - even though the gpsd -h output said it
>> was enabled. Maybe.
> All scons cares about is if it found the pps headers, timeservce, and
> magichat.  Let us know if you figure it out.
Yeah, that's what it was built with, so no idea at this point. for 
reference, the scons string I used for both the 'bad' git build and the 
release build was:

scons timeservice=yes magic_hat=yes shm_export=yes gpsclock=yes 
nmea0183=yes fixed_port_speed=115200 fixed_stop_bits=1

Paul Theodoropoulos

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