refclock local problem

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Jun 25 22:31:47 UTC 2018

ntpsec at said:
> ntpd --help says (at the end): This version was compiled with the following
> clock drivers:
>          NMEA         PPS         SHM        GPSD 

> So, I built ntpd without a local refclock ?

Looks that way.

> I used clockmaker and I  don't recall any driver options.   Perhaps I could
> rebuild, with some  waf config option.

Look in clockmaker.  My (old?) copy has this line:
    os.system("./waf configure --refclock=local,nmea,pps,shm,gpsd")
You can add >local< to that list.

If you want to run things by hand, the general approach is
  ./waf configure xxx
  ./waf build
  ./waf install

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