refclock local problem

NTPfiend ntpsec at
Mon Jun 25 22:06:39 UTC 2018

> ntpsec at said:
>> I've just re-installed the same ntp.conf in ntpsec-1.1.1+ and it fails
>> silently (nothing in the log).   The offending line is: refclock local
>> Commenting that line means all runs as expected.

> It works for me.
> Did you build it yourself or install a package?
> What does ntpd --help say?  The end of the help text should include a list of
> the drivers it supports.  If it was built without that driver, it will say
> something like this:
>    Jun 25 12:55:45 hgm ntpd[16769]: CONFIG: Unknown driver name local
> That happens early in the initialization.  It might appear in the main syslog
> file (/var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog) rather than ntpd.log

I built it myself as per:
No particular problems noted during the installation.

ntpd --help says (at the end):
This version was compiled with the following clock drivers:
         NMEA         PPS         SHM        GPSD

Found the error in syslog:
Jun 25 22:45:18 chronos ntpd[18167]: CONFIG: readconfig: parsing file: 
Jun 25 22:45:18 chronos ntpd[18167]: CONFIG: Unknown driver name local

So, I built ntpd without a local refclock ?   I used clockmaker and I 
don't recall any driver options.   Perhaps I could rebuild, with some 
waf config option.

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