refclock local problem

NTPfiend ntpsec at
Mon Jun 25 13:01:37 UTC 2018

First, a note that my R Pi B+ ran ntpsec happily from initial 
installation in Nov 16, until a disagreement with a thunderstorm in Apr 
18.   Impressed.

I've just re-installed the same ntp.conf in ntpsec-1.1.1+ and it fails 
silently (nothing in the log).   The offending line is:
refclock local
Commenting that line means all runs as expected.

I appreciate that "refclock local" is not recommended but I think it 
should still function, unless I've missed something (not impossible).

If someone could point me to a simple tutorial to orphan mode, that 
would be great.   I' not sure from whether it is suitable for my 
home use (one timeserver serving an assortment of computer, phones, gizmos).

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