Problem with GPSD refclock

Rich Wales richw at
Sun Jan 29 07:26:34 UTC 2017

Gary E. Miller wrote:

> Yes, probaably minor annoyances, but why not do it the best possible?
> Just a config change.

So, if I understand you right, then instead of using the GPSD driver in
mode 1 (which gives me either PPS-synced time info or else nothing),  I
would be better off using the SHM driver -- which will give me both
PPS-synced time info (if my GPS has a good signal and is supplying PPS),
and also non-PPS-synced info (which I should fudge with an empirically
chosen time1 calibration value in order to be reasonably close most of
the time).  Right?

And if I do this, should I set the non-PPS refclock (unit 0) to use a
high stratum value, in order to discourage use of unit 0 if anything
else (such as an external NTP server) is available?

Rich Wales
richw at

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