Problem with GPSD refclock

NTPfiend ntpsec at
Sun Jan 29 08:48:10 UTC 2017

> And if I do this, should I set the non-PPS refclock (unit 0) to use a
> high stratum value, in order to discourage use of unit 0 if anything
> else (such as an external NTP server) is available?

Interesting question, and if the answer if "Yes", I have a problem :-(

Looking at my ntp.conf, I see:

# Best time sources first, with lowest maxpoll

# GPS PPS reference (NTP1)
refclock shm unit 1 refid PPS minpoll 1 maxpoll 1

# Internet NTP pool servers
pool iburst

# GPS Serial data reference (NTP0)
refclock shm unit 0 refid GPS maxpoll 4

This .conf always ends up showing NTP0 as a falseticker, never using it 
at all.

But... warning... I don't get particularly good results, as earlier 
messages to this list show.

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