Is python2 dead?

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Yo Matthew!

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Matthew Selsky <Matthew.Selsky at> wrote:

> Is the implication that we can safely drop python2 support after June
> 2024?

Maybe.  RHEL, and friends, are the last to drop things.  Worse, people
that use RHEL, and friends, seem to never update their systems...

> Are there any other distributions that ship python2 that we
> want to maintain support for?

Dunno, RHEL, and friends, seem to be where the whiners come from.  I think
there are a few "embedded" distros that still need Python 2.

I found this online:

    Debian – v10 (Buster) is the last release to include Python 2.7,
    which will continue to be supported through June of 2024.

    Redhat – RHEL 8 was the last version to include support for Python
    2, which will be retired in June 2024.

    CentOS – v8 was the last version to include support for Python
    2.7, which will be EOL in May 2024.

Also Ubuntu Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) plan still supports
Python 2.

> How much does it cost us to maintain python2 support in our own code?

Except for the CI, benign neglect seems to be working.  The problem
is at the other end, where coders want to use new, unstable, Python 3
features.  Getting rid of Python 2 does not make them stable.  For
example: type hints.  Even Luke Skywalker can't keep his eyes on that
moving target.

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