Is python2 dead?

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Yo Richard!

On Mon, 4 Sep 2023 19:24:22 -0500
Richard Laager via devel <devel at> wrote:

> Dropping support for Python 2 should allow for dropping most of the
> poly infrastructure. That code (pylib/ involves some
> contortions (see also [1]) to make it possible to run on both Python
> 2 and Python 3.

And it also makes Python 3 code way easier to write.  Even when I
don't care about Python 2, I use the poly stuff.

> If we dropped support for Python 2, that should come in a couple
> phases. Phase 1 would be removing anything relating to Python 2
> itself. It should probably also include any changes relating to
> Python detection with waf. Phase 2 would be /carefully/ removing
> usage of the poly infrastructure, converting to idiomatic Python 3
> approaches. Once that is done, then we'd be rid of the 2 -> 3
> conversion baggage. These phases need not be separate releases, but
> should (IMHO) certainly be separate commits and likely be separate
> PRs.

A fair plan, and a lot of work, for little added value.

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