First step on ntp_control cleanup

James Browning jamesb192 at
Thu Feb 2 14:22:12 UTC 2023

On 02/02/2023 1:13 AM PST Hal Murray wrote:
> ntp_control is the code in ntpd that processes mode6 requests from ntpq.
> There are 3 types of variables you can read:
> global variables (rv 0)
> peer (server) variables
> refclock variables
> I've fixed up the first type. It is now easy to add new global variables.
> Most will be a 1 line edit.
> There is still lots of ugliness to clean up.
> Please test, I may have broken a few obscure cases. I fixed a few.

Clock variables seem not to be working. Also
sys_var_list outputs the daemon_version variable.

> I tweaked a few cases of the ntpq printout to indent a few clumps of counters
> that are a subset of the slot above the indented ones. It seems natural to
> me. Feedback?
> I'm scheming to cleanup sysstats. Is there anything you have wanted to know
> that it doesn't show?

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