First step on ntp_control cleanup

Hal Murray halmurray at
Fri Feb 3 19:05:06 UTC 2023

> Clock variables seem not to be working.

Thanks.  I don't use that stuff much so didn't test it enough.

> Also sys_var_list outputs the daemon_version variable.

That's one of the rough edges that I fixed.  It's been there forever.  Now you 
see it.

You can also see it with:
   rv 0 daemon_version

The code has 3 tables:
  one for global variables (That's what I cleaned up)
  one for server variables
  one for refclocks

There is actually a 4th chunk of data, a list of name=value pairs.  You can 
set it from the command line or config file.  (That's from reading the code.  
I haven't tested.)  The code installs that daemon_version string you noticed.  
There was another string telling you what type of clock your system had, or 
something like that.  It was 1 of 4 possibilities in the old Mills code but we 
removed 3 of them during our general cleanups so I dropped the leftover code 
that injected that line.

You could also write them from ntpq -- except that all the write stuff is 

The only place I found in the code that reads them is the modem driver to get 
the magic string to setup the modem.

Being able to write stuff to a server might be interesting for some big 
complicated management system.  I've never heard anything along those lines.  
I'm tempted to rip all that stuff out but I'll have to fix the modem driver 

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