First step on ntp_control cleanup

Hal Murray halmurray at
Thu Feb 2 09:13:54 UTC 2023

ntp_control is the code in ntpd that processes mode6 requests from ntpq.

There are 3 types of variables you can read:
  global variables (rv 0)
  peer (server) variables
  refclock variables

I've fixed up the first type.  It is now easy to add new global variables.  
Most will be a 1 line edit.

There is still lots of ugliness to clean up.

Please test,  I may have broken a few obscure cases.  I fixed a few.

I tweaked a few cases of the ntpq printout to indent a few clumps of counters 
that are a subset of the slot above the indented ones.  It seems natural to 
me.  Feedback?

I'm scheming to cleanup sysstats.  Is there anything you have wanted to know 
that it doesn't show?

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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