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> The RFC for NTS should be out soon.  I don't know when that will actually
> happen, but I think we should try to be in a position to make any last
> minute
> changes, for example, the port number, and push the button for a wonderful
> release.
> What do we need to do/fix in order to have a great release?

There are some interop issues with cfnts clients and ntpsec servers: result
in RST packets from the server. I'll try to dig in this weekend and submit
a patch.

> Documentation is the top of my list.  I'm interested in web pages, so we
> and
> others can put URLs in email, other documentation, and press releases.
> The NTS quick start guide is good.  I think the debugging section should
> be
> split out to a separate page - the tail is wagging the dog.  But it
> assumes
> you are already running ntpsec.  We need a quick start web page that
> covers
> download, build, install, run...
> We also need a pass at getting rid of out-of-date terminology.
> I'd like a non NTPsec specific web page that lists public servers.  (I
> want to
> be able to make changes easily rather than package it where it gets
> tangled up
> with a release mechanism.)

> We have to sort out the wildcard for certs.
> I want to fix the ntpq/peers bug.  More in another message.
> What else?
> ---------
> What is the long term importance of shared keys?  (old authentication)  Is
> it
> useful/important to have a backup that doesn't use OpenSSL and doesn't
> depend
> on certificates?  (we do use their crypto library)

It's nice for portability and many services will only slowly adopt NTS.

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