Next release

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Nov 20 12:32:01 UTC 2019

The RFC for NTS should be out soon.  I don't know when that will actually 
happen, but I think we should try to be in a position to make any last minute 
changes, for example, the port number, and push the button for a wonderful 

What do we need to do/fix in order to have a great release?

Documentation is the top of my list.  I'm interested in web pages, so we and 
others can put URLs in email, other documentation, and press releases.

The NTS quick start guide is good.  I think the debugging section should be 
split out to a separate page - the tail is wagging the dog.  But it assumes 
you are already running ntpsec.  We need a quick start web page that covers 
download, build, install, run...

We also need a pass at getting rid of out-of-date terminology.

I'd like a non NTPsec specific web page that lists public servers.  (I want to 
be able to make changes easily rather than package it where it gets tangled up 
with a release mechanism.)

We have to sort out the wildcard for certs.

I want to fix the ntpq/peers bug.  More in another message.

What else?


What is the long term importance of shared keys?  (old authentication)  Is it 
useful/important to have a backup that doesn't use OpenSSL and doesn't depend 
on certificates?  (we do use their crypto library)

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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