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Yo Hal!

On Fri, 23 Mar 2018 13:45:02 -0700
Hal Murray via devel <devel at ntpsec.org> wrote:

> Gary said:
> > I guess I did not wait long enough.  ntpd, and ntpmon, hang for
> > about three minutes, then wake up fine.  Hang is at:
> > 2134-03-01T17:57:35  
> > How do we explain that?   
> I'm not sure the case you are describing.

Hangs, as in unresponsive, frozen.  ntpmon fails to update its output.

> ntpd waits a while to be sure before stepping the clock.  In general,
> that seems like a good idea, it helps to avoid bogus bounces.  The
> startup case may be different.

Not wating long enough in my case.  Stepping badly, then crashing
when it will not step back.

Seems to me any daemon that crashes itself on purpose is broken.

> One reason I added the code that turned into ntpfrob's -b option was
> so we could easily experiment with things like this.

Love to, how would I do that?

> I have a slow DSL line with lots of bufferbloat.  If I start a big
> download, the asymmetry is enough to trigger clock stepping.
> huffpuff mostly avoids the problem, but it doesn't work if you
> restart ntpd while a download is in progress.

Not sure ow that applies to my case?

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