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Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Mar 23 20:45:02 UTC 2018

Gary said:
> I guess I did not wait long enough.  ntpd, and ntpmon, hang for about three
> minutes, then wake up fine.  Hang is at: 2134-03-01T17:57:35

> How do we explain that? 

I'm not sure the case you are describing.

ntpd waits a while to be sure before stepping the clock.  In general, that 
seems like a good idea, it helps to avoid bogus bounces.  The startup case 
may be different.

One reason I added the code that turned into ntpfrob's -b option was so we 
could easily experiment with things like this.

I have a slow DSL line with lots of bufferbloat.  If I start a big download, 
the asymmetry is enough to trigger clock stepping.  huffpuff mostly avoids 
the problem, but it doesn't work if you restart ntpd while a download is in 

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