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MIKE MAJOR ossfm at
Tue Jul 31 03:16:26 UTC 2018

Hello Gary and the team,
Thanks for the reply to my initial mail. This is exciting! I have a few questions to start with. 

1. Is this mailing list the primary contact mode? I suppose so as I idled in the IRC room for a day and didn't see a lot of traffic there. 
2. I got the pi booting, soldered the pin header to the HAT, mounted the HAT and checked if it was sending data. After all that, I started reading past the hardware list in the HOWTO. I was surprised at the broad detail in there. I thought the HOWTO would assume a working pi and start somewhere at "get NTPSec s/w; here's how to start building it" (I found buildprep a few weeks ago). Would you like me to verify the ddimage/dcfldd steps? Perhaps as a replacement for those steps, I would suggest having some links to Raspbian or ArchLinux ARM or Fedora or whatever. I've always thought of the linux world as somewhat help yourself first and then ask questions. 
Please don't take any of that as I'm not willing to check it out. I'm just trying to understand where the group is. 

Mike Major
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