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> 1. Is this mailing list the primary contact mode? I suppose so as I
> idled in the IRC room for a day and didn't see a lot of traffic
> there. 

Mailing list best for longer term things.  Not much traffix on #ntpsec,
but usually someone there to answer simple questions.

2. I got the pi booting, soldered the pin header to the HAT,
> mounted the HAT and checked if it was sending data.

Cool.  Sme not so lucky.

> After all that, I
> started reading past the hardware list in the HOWTO. I was surprised
> at the broad detail in there. I thought the HOWTO would assume a
> working pi and start somewhere at "get NTPSec s/w; here's how to
> start building it" (I found buildprep a few weeks ago).

We found a lot of people that wanted a cheap stratum 1 had not clue
how to get a RasPi to work.  Thus the completer instructions.

> Would you
> like me to verify the ddimage/dcfldd steps?

Please do.  Especialy with a fresh eye.  We dont know what newbies
don't know.

> Perhaps as a replacement
> for those steps, I would suggest having some links to Raspbian or
> ArchLinux ARM or Fedora or whatever.

Raspbian seems to be the best for newbies.  Anyone that prefers
ArchLinux, or Fedora, or whatever, knows how to get it.

> I've always thought of the linux
> world as somewhat help yourself first and then ask questions.

I like to think of that as the engineering and software worlds, but
some people that need a Stratum-1 are not of our world(s).

> Please
> don't take any of that as I'm not willing to check it out. I'm just
> trying to understand where the group is. 

Questions always welcome here.  As is patience and kindness.

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