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Fri Jan 5 03:42:02 UTC 2018

On 01/04/2018 09:29 PM, Gary E. Miller via devel wrote:
> I must admit to being lost as to how this gets all mixed up in the
> PYTHONPATH confusion.

Because /usr/local is not in the default sys.path on some distros,
wafhelpers/ was created to try to fix that. It then
creates a bunch of new problems, like installing to /usr when
prefix=/usr/local. This issue is what you filed as #414.

> I do have /usr/local in my PYTHONPATH (this sys.path), and I still
> have the install issue.  So something odd going on here that has not
> been mentioned on devel@ before.  My failure case is not included in
> your problem description.

Is your failure case #428, #414, or something else? If something else,
can you describe it here or point me to the issue number?

I already submitted !616, which was already merged. This likely helps
with #428. If not, it may change the results. Can you re-test #428 with
current master?

> Before I look in the wrong place.  Can you also confirm which MR you are
> talking about here?  I thought we were talking bout the MR to embed
> locations in build products.
There are two "merge requests" here:

My proposal is the actual !615.

Your proposal was "my MR is trivial: leave as is, except revert the
patch that removed the PYTHONPATH guidance to the builder." Your
proposal to leave things as is does not fix your #414. I asked if you
wanted to amend your proposal in light of that.

Can you also re-test with !615 (to embed locations in build products) to
see if it fixes #414 and/or #428?

Again, to be clear, please test these three:
master for #428 again
!615 for #428
!615 for #414


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