1.0.1 and ntpsnmpd

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For what it is worth, I am running the ntpsnmpd code on a number of debian
and ubuntu machines for some time, including one with an actual GPS.  No
issues so far.

I just like to see graphs.

Sanjeev Gupta
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On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 8:09 AM, Richard Laager via devel <devel at ntpsec.org>

> On 02/26/2018 09:50 AM, Mark Atwood via devel wrote:
> > Does the Debian packaging have it be it's own package?
> It's unclear to me what exactly you're asking, so I'll give various
> information which may help:
> No NTPsec ntpsnmpd has shipped in a released version, so the Debian
> package doesn't do anything with it currently, because it doesn't exist.
> The ntp package (NTP Classic) does not ship any ntpsnmpd. It explicitly
> configures with --without-ntpsnmpd. It does ship a documentation file
> for it, presumably for lack of special-casing that.
> If ntpsnmpd is experimental and there is no precedent from NTP Classic,
> my first inclination is to not bother shipping it at all, for now. That
> just punts the problem to the future, though, when it's not marked
> experimental.
> From the "d" at the end of the name, I assume ntpsnmpd has to run as a
> daemon, as opposed to being invoked as a script by snmpd. Off the top of
> my head, I'd probably ship it in a separate package. I assume most
> people using ntpd will not want ntpsnmpd.
> If that's the route I plan to go, then I'll probably do it sooner,
> rather than later, as adding new binary package names requires extra
> review (which can take a long time). That way, we start the clock on
> ntpsec-snmp (or whatever) while it is still experimental.
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