HOWTO: scons gpsd build incorrect and ntpshmmon gives no data

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Thu Aug 9 02:53:54 UTC 2018

On 8/8/2018 19:39 PM, MIKE MAJOR via devel wrote:
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> |As I said before, this is my first interaction with a well-organized 
> project. I have read about git and branches and cloning repositories 
> and diffs and submitting patches and merge requests. I've just never 
> done any of it before. I want to learn to do it. I want to push some 
> updates to the HOWTO. I plan to do it in the future.
> |

|Welcome to the club. I've been doing systems admin for 25 years, and 
mostly 'devops' admin for going on ten years now, and have only used git 
in the most basic of ways - the occasional configuration file version 
control for example. I've only been contributing to the ntpsec project 
in my small way for a very short while, and am still learning the finer 
points of merging, branching, etc.

Git is complex, and powerful. A background in coding is certainly 
helpful, I'm sure it's easier for devs to learn than non-coders. There 
are however massive volumes of help on the net, tutorials aplenty, and 
the folks here have been kind enough not to shoo me away when I have my 
little git glitches.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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