HOWTO: scons gpsd build incorrect and ntpshmmon gives no data

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>     On Wednesday, August 8, 2018 12:35 AM, Paul Theodoropoulos via
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>   > When you say that you 'didn't get that' - what exactly happened?
>   > You ran gpsmon /dev/gpsd0, and it just returned to the prompt? Or
>   > garbage onscreen? or....?    
> Sorry, I was a little vague. I got a nice screen with several boxes.
> The boxes show data which is updating about every second. The only
> box with no data is the GST box in the bottom right corner. There are
> only tags like UTC:, RMS:, etc. 

Sounds like what gpsmon is supposed to do.  I never tell anyone to use
gpsmon.  It is too GPS receiver dependent.  I tell them to use cgps.

> What I didn't get are the sentences flashing by at the very bottom of
> the screen.

Usually caused by a too short terminal window.  It needs at least 24
rows, and works better with many more.

> As I said before, this is my first interaction with a well-organized
> project. I have read about git and branches and cloning repositories
> and diffs and submitting patches and merge requests. I've just never
> done any of it before. I want to learn to do it. I want to push some
> updates to the HOWTO. I plan to do it in the future. 

"well-organized" is being generous.  Why try within our limits.

> Plus, I tried to clone the ntpsec repo and ran into and
> issue. I'm waiting to see if it comes up again as it build the
> Stratum 1 Microserver. 

Cloning the NTPsec repo should be hard to mess up.  If it fails again
send us what your screen showed.

>  > When you say 'there is no data available' is that message what was
>  > displayed onscreen, or something else?   
> I found the issue. gpsd was not running. 

That would do it.  Common problem.

> ntpshmmon did not crash. It output the ffollowing: 
> ntpshmmon version 1#      Name   Seen@
> Clock                Real               L Prec 
> Then it just sat there. 

Which happens when gpsd is not running.

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