HOWTO: scons gpsd build incorrect and ntpshmmon gives no data

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    On Wednesday, August 8, 2018 12:35 AM, Paul Theodoropoulos via devel <devel at> wrote:
  > When you say that you 'didn't get that' - what exactly happened? You ran gpsmon /dev/gpsd0, and it just returned to the prompt? Or garbage onscreen? or....?  
Sorry, I was a little vague. I got a nice screen with several boxes. The boxes show data which is updating about every second. The only box with no data is the GST box in the bottom right corner. There are only tags like UTC:, RMS:, etc. 

What I didn't get are the sentences flashing by at the very bottom of the screen. The HOWTO was helpful by telling me to expect them. When I didn't get them, I knew something was wrong. I suspected it wasn't fatal since valid data was displayed in the boxes. 
 > Of note, I'm a minor contributor here - Not a coder, just a sysadmin, and avocational wordsmith. Gary, esr, etc would be the coding magicians.
Good to know. The reason I asked you to submit a fix is because you did it for the dependency issue the day before. I appreciate you doing that. 

As I said before, this is my first interaction with a well-organized project. I have read about git and branches and cloning repositories and diffs and submitting patches and merge requests. I've just never done any of it before. I want to learn to do it. I want to push some updates to the HOWTO. I plan to do it in the future. 

As I understand the linux and OSS world, you gain credibility by your actions. I am getting to know the team through these mail exchanges. I'm not shoving my ideas on anyone yet. I'm moving slowly and I hope deliberately. Plus, I tried to clone the ntpsec repo and ran into and issue. I'm waiting to see if it comes up again as it build the Stratum 1 Microserver. 

 > When you say 'there is no data available' is that message what was displayed onscreen, or something else? 

I found the issue. gpsd was not running. 

ntpshmmon did not crash. It output the ffollowing: 
ntpshmmon version 1#      Name   Seen@                Clock                Real               L Prec 

Then it just sat there. 

Lesson learned though; I'll try to be more descriptive in the future. 
Thanks for the help. 

Mike Major

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