warnings from backtrace

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Jun 2 02:36:43 UTC 2017

> Ouch.  That means you do not have execinfo.h or unwrap.h, which means the
> backtrace will not be usefull to you anyway.  The other new seccomp messages
> should still work for you. 

Both have execinfo.h but do not have unwrap.h

I have another BSD system without execinfo.h

>> ldd says that isn't in the ntpd that gets built.
> Yup, I had no idea that was needed, or if that is enough.
> Do you have a link top a man page for that stuff?


The NetBSD server isn't responding, but google has cached a copy.  It's the 
top link if you search for >NetBSD backtrace<

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