Generic doesn't log into clockstat

Hal Murray hmurray at
Fri Feb 24 20:40:40 UTC 2017

> The DCF77 only produces one timestamp each minute, so there really isn't a
> big push for data reduction compared to NMEA's timestamp each second. I'd
> really like to record the timestamp as received since it'll be useful in
> case there's a problem with reception you can easily determine if it was
> just a few bits gone missing or something more serious / prolonged.

Logging things when you see the top-of-minute marker would be fine.  You 
probably want to log something every N seconds when you are not in sync.

The log file needs text.  You will have to convert the collected bit stream 
into the way you want to view it.   You may want different formats for 
in-sync and not-sync.

record_clock_stats will log a single text string.
mprintf_clock_stats takes a printf style format string and arguments.
Both add the trailing return.

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