Generic doesn't log into clockstat

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Fri Feb 24 20:00:13 UTC 2017

Hal Murray writes:
> Stromeko at said:
>> Like the NMEA clock: day, time of day, clock ID, timecode (optionally maybe
>> the decoded time and flags from the timecode). 
> There are two approaches to logging clockstats info.
> As background, the assumption is that you don't want to log everything.
> You can log stuff from the receive procedure.  That gets good timing.  You 
> can get the bandwidth reduction by setting a flag on logging something and 
> clearing it in the poll procedure.  That gives you the sample right after the 
> previous poll which is likely to be similar.  (I suppose you could keep a 
> counter and just log every Nth sample.  I don't know of any drivers that do 
> that.)

The DCF77 only produces one timestamp each minute, so there really isn't
a big push for data reduction compared to NMEA's timestamp each second.
I'd really like to record the timestamp as received since it'll be
useful in case there's a problem with reception you can easily determine
if it was just a few bits gone missing or something more serious /

> The other approach is to do the logging from the poll procedure.  That looses 
> the timing info, but lets you also log counters before they get reset.

For poll=4 that'd actually mean four times more data in the log…

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