Generic doesn't log into clockstat

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Feb 22 21:39:15 UTC 2017

Stromeko at said:
> Like the NMEA clock: day, time of day, clock ID, timecode (optionally maybe
> the decoded time and flags from the timecode). 

There are two approaches to logging clockstats info.

As background, the assumption is that you don't want to log everything.

You can log stuff from the receive procedure.  That gets good timing.  You 
can get the bandwidth reduction by setting a flag on logging something and 
clearing it in the poll procedure.  That gives you the sample right after the 
previous poll which is likely to be similar.  (I suppose you could keep a 
counter and just log every Nth sample.  I don't know of any drivers that do 

The other approach is to do the logging from the poll procedure.  That looses 
the timing info, but lets you also log counters before they get reset.

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