Information lost when switching to buildprep

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Yo Hal!

On Wed, 22 Feb 2017 13:26:54 -0800
Hal Murray <hmurray at> wrote:

> Gary said:
> >> 2) It drags in a big pile of stuff, starting with gnuplot.  
> > No.  
> At least one of us is confused.
> buildprep installs gnuplot unconditionally.  Perhaps you mean that it
> doesn't need to do that.  But currently it does.

buildprep is optional.  We already agreed to make gnuplot optional in


> What does ntpviz do without gnuplot and/or why would I want to do
> that?

It makes plot files and dumps statistics summaries.  The plots can then
be plotted elsewrhere.  I forsee a future option where it just outputs the
text summaries.  Just way down on my list.

>  If I have to move the processed data to another system to view
> it,

Some will, some will not.  Some might use ssh to run a server copy of
gnuplot from the ntpd host.  Do with it as you wish.

> why not copy the raw log files and do all the processing there?

The plot files are potentially a lot smaller. 

> The old text in INSTALL had comments about something being needed at
> run time or only at build tiime.  That information is no longer in
> buildprep.

Yeah.  Patches welcome.

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