Python libs on Debian/Raspbian

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Dec 20 08:08:31 UTC 2017

> We have different paths embedded in the binaries that we run the regression
> tests against.  autoconf has tricks that it does with LD_LIBRARY_PATH so
> that "make check" uses the libraries in the build area.  waf likely has a
> similar feature that we can take advantage of.

I don't think there are any paths in the python "binaries".

I don't know how much waf helps, but somebody puts a link in 
frpm ntp over to the place where the python libraries are built.  Python had 
"" on the front of the search path so the new libraries get tested if you cd 
there and run things like ./ntpq

That's what I've been doing for testing.

tests/ does it for several programs as a simple sanity check.
Argh.  Looks like it's not cd-ing there.  I wonder which libraries it is 
actually using.
I rm-ed the installed libraries and it worked.

I added a hack to ntpclients.  It only prints sys.path.  The "" that is 
normally there is replaced by the directory where the program came from.

We could use the same link-to-library trick.  Argh.  Another worm for the 

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