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Yo Achim!

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> There are at least three different way of installing _anything_ (let's
> leave the details of Python and the various distro conventions aside
> for the moment):
> 1. System-wide, distribution-blessed installation (aka packaging).
> 2. System-wide, local installation.
> 3. User installation.


> Now, as far as packaging is concerned, the correct location(s) are
> defined by the distribution.  If ntpsec wouldn't use something as
> obscure as waf for doing the build & installation the distro tool
> chain would most likely do the right thing out of the box and we'd
> not even have that part of the discussion.

Whoa!  Hold up right there.  waf has absolutely nothing to do with
#1 above in any binary distro.  To prepare a package for a binary distro
the maintainer actually does a #3, then puts the binaries, man pages,
config files, etc. into a distro spacific package file.

As for #2 and #3, pretty much every package I install from source
has the user specify a prefix (--prefix-XXX).  The same for waf, 
autoconfuse, scons, etc.  The only issue is which type install (#1, #2,
or #3) is the default.  The other two always need an override like --prefix

> I don't see user installations as a real thing for ntpd, but the user
> space control and monitoring tool tools might be a different story.

We need it because when the maintainer builds a binary package he
first does a #3 (local install.

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