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On 12/06/2017 04:03 PM, Hal Murray via devel wrote:
> Many years ago, a friend showed me an article in a bicycle magazine about how
> to get ready for a race or big ride.  It had all the expected things about
> getting your bike ready.  It also included ironing your shirt.  ???  The idea
> was that if you had time to iron your shirt you had already done all the
> other stuff and you really were ready.

Or in other terms: Van Halen's tour contracts required a bowl of M&Ms in 
the hotel room, with all the  (IIRC) brown ones removed. If the clause 
was not met they were not responsible for any damage caused. The reason 
of course was that their stage equipment had special requirements and if 
the venue people hadn't paid attention to the documents they would also 
miss the M&Ms.

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