Preparing for a point release

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Tue Dec 5 14:24:01 UTC 2017

We should plan a point release to ship the fix for interop failure with
Amazon time service.  We're in pretty good shape for one now, but a
cople of minor issues need to addressed.

* Packet-received counters not being updated (issue #419). I expect to
fix this later today. Cosmetic issue only.

* "Install failure on gentoo Stable" (#417) and "Python site packages
installed in wrong location" (#414). Ian has a WIP patch to fix this;
it needs to be finished and landed.

* "Minimal config fails on some hosts" (#415).  We have a resolution
for this, which is to eliminate #ifdef DEBUG and always debug
builds.  The incremental code volume on this is very small.

Also note: in this release, following discussions among the senior
devs, we are dropping support for systems that have no ntp_adjtime(2)
and thus cannot do clock slewing. This affects Mac OS X and OpenBSD
(but not any other BSD).  Such systems cannot run ntpd very usefully
and should use sntp/ntpdig instead.

Mac OS X is supposed to get ntp_adjtime(2) in 10.13; support can be
restored then.  OpenBSD has a clock-frequency adjustment API of its
own, but Classic didn't know how to use it and we don't either.  That
might be fixed in a future release.

A main motivation for dropping support for non_adjtime() systems is to
simplify ntpd's execution graph in a way that may permit TESTFRAME to
rise again.
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