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Tue Dec 5 15:17:51 UTC 2017

On 12/05/2017 08:24 AM, Eric S. Raymond via devel wrote:
> * "Install failure on gentoo Stable" (#417) and "Python site packages
> installed in wrong location" (#414). Ian has a WIP patch to fix this;
> it needs to be finished and landed.

I currently do not have any handle on #417. I know where the issue is 
most likely to be, but do not know how to truly fix the problem short of 
whipping up a completely new build-path-finder (say goodbye to a 
ntpsnmpd in an early January 1.1 if this happens).

#414 is a simple - if hacky - fix. The problem is figuring out how to 
trigger the fix at the right times and no others. The other day rlaager 
made a suggestion:

18:21 < rlaager> ianbruene: You could switch based on $prefix == '/usr'

The problem with this is that there are four possible situations, not 2:

Distro Install: /usr/lib/python<ver>/dist-packages

Distro Install, pip: /usr/lib/python<ver>/site-packages

User Install, pip: /usr/local/python<ver>/dist-packages

User Install: /usr/local/python<ver>/site-packages

Distinguishing between Distro/User is easy enough; rlaager's suggestion 
works. But I don't know how to detect the other switch.

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