Ready to push new DNS

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Apr 13 21:33:11 UTC 2017

My plan is to push when I get back in several hours unless somebody objects 
or my testing finds something.

I think it's working.  I'll be doing more testing while I'm out.  There is, 
of course, a chance I've broken something with a change this big.

I'm still seeing this on NetBSD.  Does anybody understand this one?  Is it a 
real error or a testing glitch?

TEST(lfpfunc, Absolute) PASS
TEST(lfpfunc, FDF_RoundTrip)../../tests/libntp/lfpfunc.c:268:TEST(lfpfunc, 
oundTrip):FAIL: Values Not Within Delta . 2147483647.500000 diff 
00 not within 2.384186e-07
TEST(lfpfunc, SignedRelOps) PASS

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