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Yo Hal!

On Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:14:48 -0700
Hal Murray <hmurray at> wrote:

> gem at said:
> >> I'd be happy to have warnings included in "fail".  The idea is to
> >> reduce clutter.  
> > I don't see how that can work, warnings are by defintion not
> > failures.  
> Do you have a correct word?  I assume the goal is to have build work
> without warnings.

Given the number of C compilers we work on that is not possible given
our current staffing.

Just to start:
	1. Get Bison to fix their upstream bugs.
        2. Add checks, and matching code, for several dozen Solaris quirks.
        3. Add checks, and matching code, for several dozen OpenBSD quirks.

> Thus if it does generate any warnings, something
> needs fixing and things will be cleaner if the attempted commit if
> rejected and fixed rather than being accepted and followed by another
> commit to fix the warning.

I'd be thrilled if wanted to take on that project.

> My local scripts grep for "warning".

Easy to make it work on one OS, the trick is getting all the partial
POSIX OS to work.

> I think there is a issue open on the bug that waf check gets errors
> but doesn't "fail" in the sense of returning a non-zero return code.

Diffferent bug.  The bug is that when the tests in the tests/ folder 
fail that waf does not fail.  That is high on my list to fix.

> >> --enable-debug is the default.  I think that makes it normal.  
> > And as recently discussed on IRC, that is wrong and will be fixed
> > soon.   
> Would somebody please summarize.  Changing the default on building
> with debugging seems important enough that it should be mentioned
> (and archived) here rather than only on IRC where lots of people will
> miss it.

Already been discussed on IRC and in email.  To summarize, it is
not appropriate that a 1.0 version has debugging on by default.
Debugging means not stripping the binaries, adding in debug flags, etc.

Pretty much by definition, begging code is code you do not want in a
production binary.  This is also high on my list to fix.

The vast majrity of users will want debugging off, the few that want it
can turm it on.

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