ntpviz - Don't plot a line during data absence

Gary E. Miller gem at rellim.com
Mon Oct 24 02:25:49 UTC 2016

Yo Hal!

On Sun, 23 Oct 2016 14:31:38 -0700
Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net> wrote:

> gem at rellim.com said:
> >> Have you tried doing the work on another system?  I use rsync.  
> > Of course.  But now I have a much more complex sysadmin problem.  
> This discussion probably depends upon the big picture goals.

> You seem to have set things up so that a cron job on a system makes a
> set of graphs that you like and packages them up as a web page.

> I take a different approach.  A script collects all the data on one
> system. Another script makes a bunch of graphs.  I look at them
> directly.  No web stuff.  Many of those graphs involve data from more
> than one system.

Sure.  You do your thing, I do mine.  Mine is a lot simpler for a
newbie to setup, one line in a crontab:

6 0-23/3 * * * cd /usr/local/src/NTP/ntpsec/ntpstats; ./ntpviz @week/optionfile

> It's not uncommon that I tweak the collection of graphs I look at.
> The most common tweak is roughly your clipping.  I want to see both
> the unclipped and the zoomed in versions.

That is then two lines in your crontab...

You gotta admit you are not our majority target audience.  :-)

> Some of our different opinions about points and lines may be because
> I'm looking at much larger graphs than you are making and/or at the
> unclipped data.  I'm using most of a large screen, roughly 4 times
> the area of your web graphs.

In 2016, most screen are 1288x768, or smaller.  Then subtract the
browser frame zize.  That is what I am designing too.  If you plot
for bigger then 1/2 the people can't user it.  I'm not gonna change
a default to something wring for most user.

But I would consier an option for screen plot size if you would use it.
The @optionfile makes it easy to use a bunch of tweaks.

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