ntpviz - Don't plot a line during data absence

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Oct 23 21:31:38 UTC 2016

gem at rellim.com said:
>> Have you tried doing the work on another system?  I use rsync.
> Of course.  But now I have a much more complex sysadmin problem.

This discussion probably depends upon the big picture goals.

You seem to have set things up so that a cron job on a system makes a set of 
graphs that you like and packages them up as a web page.

I take a different approach.  A script collects all the data on one system.  
Another script makes a bunch of graphs.  I look at them directly.  No web 
stuff.  Many of those graphs involve data from more than one system.

It's not uncommon that I tweak the collection of graphs I look at.  The most 
common tweak is roughly your clipping.  I want to see both the unclipped and 
the zoomed in versions.


Some of our different opinions about points and lines may be because I'm 
looking at much larger graphs than you are making and/or at the unclipped 
data.  I'm using most of a large screen, roughly 4 times the area of your web 

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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