Monday checkin, please.

Mark Atwood fallenpegasus at
Mon Mar 28 15:23:39 UTC 2016

Good morning, everybody.

I am on my way to the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, where I will
be, among other things, representing NTPsec.

Tomorrow morning will be another metronomic 0.9.* version release.  Please
merge what you are working on that you are confident in, and please update
the NEWS file with any visible or security-significant work.

Amar: what is the status of the buildbot array?  And also, please post a
list of all our targets and all the targets that have been added since the
beginning of the year.  I am going to use that as part of the report to the

Also, Amar: what is the status of the start of the reply-branch?  That is
something that I really want to be able to show progress on to the LF CII.
Do to various events that have happened in other LF CII projects, the CII
is right now extraordinarily interested and concerned about "did you break
it trying to fix it" issues.

Daniel: how are we doing on security stuff?  What CVEs are we sitting on,
either waiting for embargo to end, or waiting for the NTF to release their

Chris, Hal, Eric, everyone else: what have you been hacking on, and what
ntpsec codebase puzzles are you thinking about?

Thank you everyone!

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