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Yo Hal!

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Hal Murray <hmurray at> wrote:

> I think you should do two things.  One is to relax the "good" part
> and live with what you get from the pool.  The other is to set things
> up with a comment (and URL for the pool page) with directions about
> editing the country code so you get better than horrible.

I think we agree here.  Any comments on my pool example??

    # if you have no other local chimers to help NTP perform sanity checks
    # then you can use some public chimers from the NTP public pool:

    # To use the pool servers uncomment the last four lines in this section.
    # The iburst option tells ntpd to query the pool serers with bursts instead
    # of single requests.  This can yield better results to remote servers.
    # Notice I use the 'us' country code servers, otherwise I might get one
    # pool server from Ukraine and another from Singapore.  If you are
    # not in the USA, then change the 'us' to your two letter country code.
    #  server iburst
    #  server iburst
    #  server iburst
    #  server iburst

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