State of the test farm

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Jun 6 23:53:52 UTC 2016

esr at said:
> au         RasPi 2      Blue-wired SKU 424254
> cu         RasPi 3      Uputronics GPS HAT
> fe         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> nd         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> ne         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> xe         Odroid C2    Adafruit GPS HAT 

I suggest swapping the HAT on the Pi 2 with one of the Adafruit HATs on a Pi 

That will let you compare Pi 2 with Pi 3 and HAT with HAT with minimal other 

The 8 port Netgear switch is probably made up of a pair of 5 port switches so 
getting from port 1 to port 5 goes through 2 chips rather than just 1.  I'll 
bet you can measure that if you try hard enough.  Maybe not with the USB 
Ethernet on the Pi.

I would plug all the GPS pucks into something so they are available.

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