State of the test farm

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Mon Jun 6 22:59:25 UTC 2016

Frank Nicholas <frank at>:
> > On Jun 6, 2016, at 5:53 PM, Eric S. Raymond <esr at> wrote:
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> > Accounts on all machines are available now.  Email me for the confidential
> > access details.
> To avoid people stepping on each other while using these, you may want to consider some “sign-out” or “log book” for people to use them.  I’d hate to see a weeks worth of data gathering going out the door, because someone else decides to do some testing on a system that is already in use…  And if some are going to be dedicated to a specific test/gathering/building/etc., they should be noted and prevented from being used for testing

I thought of that.  Part of the answer is: "watch #ntpsec". Dev accounts have
a hook that report logins and logouts.  I don't know how to handle longer-term
reservations yet.  I'm hoping that is everybody watches IRC and takes reasonable
precautions we can avoid conflicts.
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