State of the test farm

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Tue Jun 7 00:21:51 UTC 2016

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> esr at said:
> > au         RasPi 2      Blue-wired SKU 424254
> > cu         RasPi 3      Uputronics GPS HAT
> > fe         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> > nd         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> > ne         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> > xe         Odroid C2    Adafruit GPS HAT 
> I suggest swapping the HAT on the Pi 2 with one of the Adafruit HATs on a Pi 
> 3.
> That will let you compare Pi 2 with Pi 3 and HAT with HAT with minimal other 
> differences.

It's a point.  Actually what I probably ought to do is plain retire the
blue-wired board and slap another Adafruit HAT on cu.

(BTW, the reason for the two-letter names is that I can fit them on Avery 5412
gummed labels which in turn fit on the non-electrode surface of a micro-SD.)

> I would plug all the GPS pucks into something so they are available.

Yeah, I thought about that.  I didn't because (a) the Official
Windowsill of Mad Science is running out of room for pucks to be
deployed on, and (b) if I put them there now they're likely to become
victims of Zola's attempts to fine-tune his measurements of the
gravitational constant.

(Very nice cat, he is, but an inveterate physicist. Never when I can
see it; when I'm *at* the Great Beast he's most likely to be found
curled up and purring just past the right end of my keyboard.)

Once I get the rack built I can put pucks on top of it and tape
them down.
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