memory locking

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun Jul 3 03:35:35 UTC 2016

esr at said:
> BTW, I think I've knocked the mlockall/threads/async bug on the head. I
> swiped some code from chrony that does memlocking after telling ntpd it can
> have as much memory as it wants - ntpd's worst-case memory requirement ain't
> much. I've had that version running continuously for about 14 hours merrily
> swapping pool servers in and out with no crash.


ntpd can take a lot of memory if you collect the statistics for who is 
talking to you on a busy machine, for example a pool server. It depends on 
how busy and how long you want to keep the data.

Is there any way to turn that off?

I don't see any mention in the documentation.  Where should that go?

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