What's the relation between GitLab/issues and devel/TODO?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Nov 22 08:13:49 UTC 2015

Where do we keep track of bugs?

There are 2 bugs that should be on our list.

The first is the obscure DNS mixup I ran into a while ago.
It's in ensure_workresp_empty_slot in libntp/work_thread.c
Appending to an array used as a fifo to make more room
doesn't work if the finger is pointing into the middle of the array.

There is similar code when passing names to the worker thread.
I think that one doesn't get triggered because the finger isn't
pointing into the middle when it fills up.

I think the right solution is to replace the array with a linked list.
It needs a lock and such.

A hack good-enough solution would be to make the array bigger.

Chris has been thinking about a major cleanup/simplification
of that whole area.  That seems right to me.  (If he doesn't do it, I will.)

The trigger case is a DNS name that does a lookup using packets
followed by 5 names that use the local /etc/hosts.
It didn't fail every time, but wasn't hard to tickle.

The second bug is a screwup in ntpq/mrulist.
The mrulist command may take a long time to collect all the data.
^C is supposed to stop collecting and print out what it has.

Instead, it sometimes gives an error message and bails.
Ctrl-C will stop MRU retrieval and display partial results.
1305 (0 updates) ^C./glypnod/ntpq/ntpq: select fails: Interrupted system 
call***Server returns unknown error code -1

It doesn't happen all the time, but it isn't hard to tickle, at least in my 

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