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Yo NTPfiend!

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NTPfiend <ntpsec at goldhill.co.uk> wrote:

> Just under a week ago, I updated ntpsec to the latest (ntpsec-1.1.3+) 
> from ISTR 1.1.1.   Since then, running a cronjob at 0000z with
> ntpviz, produces a nasty spike of local clock jitter, offset and
> clock wobble. The system rapidly recovers.

I run ntpviz hourly on about 6 RasPi of various version.  Each hour it
computes for one day.  Once a day it does the seven day intervals.  I
also have some spikes, but not like yours:


On other servers, I do not see the spikes:


> http://www.goldhill.uk/ntpvizplots/index.html

Yeah, nasty spikes.

> I'm not sure what to try next; it seems inadequate to have to run
> ntpviz away from the ntpsec R Pi.   What have I missed ?

A lot of people do run ntpviz remotely from the RasPi.  To confirm that
ntpviz is the issue, how about moving the cron job to another time of
day to verify that it really is ntpviz.

It is odd, worth looking at.

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