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Eric S. Raymond esr at
Wed Jun 26 09:02:26 UTC 2019

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> There is only one chip available that works with the new modulation.  (that I 
> know of)
> e-modulation-receiver-only/
> The ES-100 uses SIO or one of the similar 2 wire type I/O interfaces.  Should 
> be easy on a Pi, but I don't have directions.  I don't know how to do it on a 
> PC.

That's interesting.

WWVB reception would be very dodgy here - I live about 30 miles from
Dr. Mills's digs in Delaware and while while that is mostly westward
distance it's not by enough. Too bad - if I thought I could get signal
here I'dvbe very tempted to do a Pi-based receiver build to complement
my GPS-based one.
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