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Eric S. Raymond esr at
Tue Jun 25 20:27:36 UTC 2019

Paul Theodoropoulos <paul at>:
> I recently added a third ntpsec RPI to my little homebrew cluster. I have
> them all peering with each other, along with each having a few 'outside'
> stratum one servers in the mix (different ones on each device). so, I have
> a-ntpsec, which peers with b- and c-ntpsec (along with 'outsiders')
> b-ntpsec, which peers with a- and c-ntpsec. As above.
> c-ntpsec, which peers with a- and b-ntpsec. As above.
> Is this a reasonable setup, or is there a potential for it to amplify
> errors/instability rather than mitigating it? I realize that in time, I
> should find out from my ntpviz graphs what the effect will be, but if this
> is a misguided setup, I'd rather nip it in the bud sooner than later.

I don't know.  My intuition is that this shouldn't do significantly
better or worse than just one server will all of the outside feeds,
but it will be interesting to find out if tht's wrnng.
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